Be Nice To Your Mouth, Fight To Stop Naughty Gum Disease

We know if you have been naughty or nice … to your mouth. Santa may be watching all the time, but we only see the evidence of what you’ve done when you visit our dentist office in Port Charlotte, FL.

We aren’t going to give you a lump of coal if we find gum disease. Instead, we want to help you do the things that will remove the infection so you can keep smiling.

And fighting periodontal disease is important. It remains the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. Preventing gum disease makes it more likely that your smile will keep looking good, too.

The staff at Dietrich Dental Services want to see your smiling face a couple times each year. We’ll explain why in a moment.

For now, just know that you can make an appointment online or by calling 941-625-7877.


Your Gums And Gum Disease

It’s important to know what our gums do for us to understand why periodontal disease can be such a problem.

Your gums are a soft tissue that covers your upper and lower jawbones as well as the roots of your teeth. Your gums provide a layer of protection, and they help to hold your teeth in your jaw.

Healthy gums should look pinkish and feel firm to the touch. When your gums start to look red or swollen or if they bleed while you brush and floss your teeth, then you likely have gingivitis. This is a mild form of gum disease.

Gingivitis can be easily treated, but it also can lead to advanced gum disease (periodontitis) if it is ignored.

Infected gum tissue can allow bacteria to attack your jawbones or the roots of your teeth. This can lead to infected teeth and root canal treatments. Root canal treatments are nowhere near as bad as many people think, but it’s still better to not need one.

Now let’s discuss the naughty and nice things you can do for your gums, and why that should include visits with our dental professionals. Remember, all you have to do is call 941-625-7877 for an appointment.


✖︎ Naughty Action: Smoking or using tobacco

✔︎ Nice Action: Quit or avoid tobacco products

As far as your oral health is concerned, there’s no benefit to using tobacco. It doesn’t matter if you use cigarettes, cigars, or smokeless tobacco products. All of them are bad for your mouth. That definitely includes your gums.

The chemicals in tobacco products are harmful to your gum tissue. As a result, tobacco users are more likely to develop periodontal disease and to have that infection return.

Moreover, periodontal treatments are more difficult when someone is a tobacco user. Do yourself a favor by avoiding tobacco entirely.


✖︎ Naughty Action: Never flossing

✔︎ Nice Action: Brushing and flossing daily

We know there were news stories earlier this year questioning the value of flossing. The issue is more complicated than what fit in a headline, however.

Flossing is not going to reverse advanced gum disease. It can reverse and help prevent mild gum disease.

And when we say flossing, that’s a shorthand for the tools used to cleaning between your teeth and gums. Dental floss certainly will remove plaque and small pieces of food from the spaces your toothbrush can’t reach. If you can’t or won’t use dental floss, you should try flossers, interdental brushes, or water flossers instead.

Brushing is still important since it removes bacteria that cause both tooth decay and gum disease from your mouth.


✖︎ Naughty Action: Avoiding the dentist

✔︎ Nice Action: Getting regular dental cleanings and exams

Brushing and flossing daily is essential, but check-ups at Dietrich Dental Services are important, too. During your visits, two things will help.

A dental professional will clean your mouth. This will remove any tartar or plaque that you may have missed. This alone will reduce your risk of developing gum disease.

At the same time, our team will be on the lookout for signs that gum disease is already present. This includes the red, swollen, and bleeding gums we mentioned earlier. It also includes receding gums, tender gum tissue, bad breath, and loose teeth.

You can rest assured that we will let you know if we see symptoms of gum disease. We also can recommend and provide periodontal treatment to remove infected tissue as well as the cause of your infection.


Plan Your Visit Today For The Sake Of Your Smile

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