ClearCorrect: A Professional Approach To Orthodontics

You want into the meeting ready to give your presentation. You’ve spent months putting it together, and you know this is your chance to shine.

At the end, you don’t get any questions, which leaves you feeling confused. You expected your colleagues to be focused, but instead, they seemed … distracted. 

As the meeting is wrapping up, one of your coworkers approaches, and you ask how you did.

Fine, he replies half-heartedly. You tell him that people seemed distracted, and he admits that he was. He was more focused on your braces than what you said.


No one is surprised to see a teenager wearing braces, but they can stand out on a professional adult in a conference or a meeting with a customer.

There is a way to straighten your teeth and avoid this potential awkwardness, however. You could visit our dentist office in Port Charlotte, FL, to learn if ClearCorrect could work for you.

Today, we will be discussing three reasons ClearCorrect may be a better option for a working professional than traditional orthodontic treatment.

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ClearCorrect Is Discreet

We will start with the clearest (sorry for the pun) difference between ClearCorrect and traditional braces.

With ClearCorrect, you wear a series of aligners rather than metal bracket and wires (and sometimes small rubber bands) to straighten your teeth.

Each aligner is made of a single piece of clear plastic that has been molded to specifically fit your teeth. When these transparent aligners are worn, many people won’t notice you have them on.

Let’s return to the presentation we described at the beginning of those post. Do you think it would have gone differently if the people in the room were paying attention to what you said instead of the braces in your mouth?

A set of clear aligners can make it easier to complete your orthodontic treatment without interfering with your day-to-day activities at work.

ClearCorrect can work on many of the same problems as traditional braces. You can close gaps between your teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and fix overbites among other things.

Our dentists already have used ClearCorrect to help many people in and around Port Charlotte, FL. To find out if ClearCorrect could help you, too, start by calling 941-625-7877.


ClearCorrect Is Comfortable

You may have worn braces as a teenager. If so, then you already understand how uncomfortable braces can be. If you didn’t, then you may be familiar with the problems from hearing your friends talk about it.

The brackets can be scratchy, and you feel it each time your braces are adjusted. While braces are effective, dealing with pain is often part of the process of wearing them for two or three years.

And that’s assuming everything goes correctly. An accident could cause a bracket to come loose or a wire to break. Either of these could cause more problems, especially to the soft tissues of your mouth.

Again, you can avoid many of those concerns with ClearCorrect. Each aligner is made of a single piece of plastic. The edges are smooth, so there is nothing to scratch you and no small pieces to break.

Will you feel anything when you first put in a new aligner? Yes, probably. That is how you know the aligners are pushing your teeth into their new positions.

Nevertheless, the gentle pressure of ClearCorrect is easier to handle for many people than the painful push and pull of braces.


ClearCorrect Is Convenient

One of the most common complaints about braces is how they affect your diet. Specifically, people with braces are supposed to avoid certain foods. Crunchy foods like hard pretzels, chips, and hard candy can cause brackets to come loose. Chewy foods and snacks can pull on wires and brackets, too.

With ClearCorrect, you can keep eating whatever you’d like. Why? Because you can remove your aligners during meals. (You can and should leave them out to brush and floss your teeth, too.)

To be clear (no pun intended that time), you should wear your ClearCorrect aligners most of the time. They can be removed up to a couple hours each day, however, without affecting your progress during your treatment.


Are You Up For Trying ClearCorrect?

If you are interested in an orthodontic option that will improve your smile without interfering with your professional life, then ClearCorrect may be for you.

Call 941-625-7877 or fill out our online form. Make an appointment at Dietrich Dental Services to find out if you are a good candidate for our clear aligners.