Get The Royal Treatment With A Dental Crown [video]

We try to provide the royal treatment to all of our patients at Dietrich Dental Services. In fact, any patients can get a crown from us — a dental crown.

Unlike the crowns that kings and queens wear, dental crowns are not meant to be noticed. They are meant to blend in with the rest of your smile. To learn more about what they can do, visit our dentist office in Port Charlotte, FL.

That’s what Bruce did and he can tell you what it was like getting a dental crown.

Dental crowns are the building blocks of restorative dentistry. They can be used to repair decayed, cracked, and broken teeth. When paired with a dental implant, they can be used to replace a lost or extracted tooth, too.

To get your own dental crown, make an appointment by calling 941-625-7877 or by filling out our online form.