Is This A Rebuilding Year For Smiles?

College football season is underway, and the NFL season will be starting before you know it.

Some teams enter the season looking for a championship. Other teams are hoping to improve over last season.

And some teams are stuck in a rebuilding year. This is when the team (and hopefully its fans) go into the season knowing they probably won’t do as well as the year before. Usually, this is because they lost some of their most talented players to graduation, retirement, or injuries.

What does any of this have to do with dentistry? We see some parallels between rebuilding a team and the restorative dental services that we offer to our patients in and around Port Charlotte, FL.

Your mouth (like a team) is made of individual pieces with different roles. When all the positions are filled, and none of those parts are damaged, your mouth is healthy. If something needs to be replaced or isn’t 100 percent, then your smile suffers.

So what can you do if some of your teeth are injured? How about if you lose some of your teeth?

You can start by making an appointment at Dietrich Dental Services to ask about our restorative dentistry.


How To Rebuild Your Smile

Restorative dentistry serves two primary purposes.

First, it can restore the appearance of your smile. Second, it can restore the function of your teeth.

At this day and time, we have a number of ways we can make that happen. To explain, we will list some common problems as well as the treatments that can be used to solve them.


▶︎ Problem: Missing multiple teeth

Solution: Dental bridge, implant-supported bridge

Losing multiple teeth has a big impact on your smile and your ability to bite and chew food. By not replacing your lost teeth, you may be putting your remaining teeth through greater wear and tear, which only increases your risk of losing more teeth.

The most stable way to rebuild your smile is with an implant-supported dental bridge. This kind of bridge starts with the placement of dental implants in your jaw. Like your roots once did, the implants will serve as both anchors and supports for your dental bridge.

A more traditional bridge does not use dental implants. Instead, you reshape the teeth on each side of your missing teeth. The bridge is made large enough that it can be bonded to the bridge to the abutment teeth on the other side. However, this kind of dental bridge does not have any support in your jaw.


▶︎ Problem: Missing one tooth

Solution: Dental crown and dental implant, dental bridge

In this case, we would recommend starting with at dental implant. This will replace the root of your missing tooth. This also can support your dental crown. With these two services combined, you will have replaced both halves of your natural tooth.

For all practical purposes, this will look like a tooth and allow you to eat like you did before.

This is another case when you can use a traditional bridge. This will be smaller than the bridge mentioned earlier, but it will still involve changing two healthy teeth to provide support for the bridge.


▶︎ Problem: Multiple teeth are chipped or worn down

Solution: Veneers

Sometimes the damage we cause to our teeth occurs gradually. The foods that we eat may be hard, and that can wear down our teeth over time.

Tooth grinding can wear on your teeth as well. You may notice chips in multiple teeth, and you may be better with a solution that is used to fix multiple teeth at the same time.

Dental veneers can be bonded to the front of your teeth. This can restore the size and shape of your teeth.

With veneers, your smile can look as good and sometimes better than it ever has.


▶︎ Problem: A single tooth is damaged or decayed

Solution: Dental fillings, dental crown

One tooth may not seem like a big deal, but it only takes one tooth with a cavity or a break to affect your smile in a negative way.

In this case, our goal is to preserve as much of the tooth as we can. If the cavity is relatively small, we can use a tooth-colored filling to restore the shape and size of your tooth after the decay is removed.

For larger cavities or for teeth that are broken due to an injury, we will reshape this one tooth. In doing so, we will create an abutment where we can affix a dental crown in place.


Can We Restore Your Smile?

If you have lost teeth or you have teeth that have been damaged, we would encourage a visit Dietrich Dental Services as soon as possible to find out what we can go for you and your smile.

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