Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong with your teeth. You could have a sports-related injury and crack a tooth. A tooth can get hurt when you chew with it thanks to tooth decay, an old filling that is giving you trouble, and more. With these kinds of problems, you’re usually facing a combination of pain and bad appearance. In other words, it both hurts and looks bad. Restorative dentistry means restoring your teeth to a healthy, attractive state, and with dental crowns and dental bridges, you can do just that. You can end the pain when you chew and help your teeth look natural and beautiful. Call our dental office at [phone] schedule your dental crowns and dental bridges Port Charlotte, FL area appointment.

Dental Crowns To Preserve Weak Teeth

If a tooth has a minor problem, such as a tiny amount of tooth decay, the damage is small. That means you can use tooth filling to repair the damage. But sometimes the problem is too big and can put the entire tooth at risk. For example, a very large cavity or a large fracture could mean the tooth might literally fall apart or die. To prevent this catastrophic damage, you can get a dental crown. These tooth-colored caps are custom made and carefully placed over damaged teeth. Since a crown covers all of the visible parts of the tooth, it securely holds the tooth together and seals over the damaged portion, protecting it for the future. Dental crowns restore your teeth back to being strong and normal-looking.

Dental Bridges To Replace Missing Teeth

If your damage was too great and the tooth had to be removed, or if you’re already missing a tooth for any reason, you really should have that gap filled. Neighboring teeth can shift and the opposite tooth can drop down causing you to lose that one as well. Loss of the height of the natural healthy bite over time will give your face that collapsed look that you see in cartoons depicting old people. Also, food particles can get stuck in the empty space, leading to a greater chance of gum disease and tooth decay. Plus, does anyone like the look of a tooth missing from a smile? Dental implants can be used, but since they require healthy bone in the jaw, they can’t work for everyone.

Instead, a dental bridge may be the solution you’re looking for. This appliance includes an artificial tooth made just for you, so it will look natural in your smile. This replacement tooth is held securely by a pair of dental crowns, one on each natural tooth on either side of the gap. Because a bridge is simpler to place than an implant and does not require surgery, bridges are sometimes more affordable as well.

Different Materials For Different Situations

At our Port Charlotte, FL dental office, we do not use metal in dental crowns or dental bridges. Instead, we offer mainly two different types of materials when creating your restorations: Zirconia, and e.max porcelain. The one type is slightly different than the other.

  • Layered Zirconia is an aesthetic alternative to an all porcelain crown, where more strength is needed. In the past, we had to use metal under the porcelain for strength, and often the patients would notice a dark line along the gumline. Because of zirconia crowns, you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing but also a very strong crown.
  • BruxZir is a type of zirconia use predominantly on molars and back bridges where strength is of utmost importance. It is also very aesthetic but perhaps not quite as translucent looking as layered Zirconia. However, in the posterior part of the mouth, it blends beautifully, giving maximum strength for your chewing pleasure!
  • E.max is also made from translucent porcelain and offers the highest level of aesthetics. This is the material usually used on front teeth for both crowns and veneers because of its more natural look, and the way it reflects the light in this area.

Deciding which type will work best for you depends on a number of factors. If a crown is needed, our dentists will thoroughly go over all your options, so the two of you can pick the restoration that works best for your situation.

If you need an appointment to help restore your teeth, or to learn more about our porcelain and zirconia dental crowns and dental bridges Port Charlotte, FL call us at [phone] today or use our convenient online form.