People are rarely blessed with perfect teeth. Even if you are, things happen. You could neglect your teeth, face an injury, or have something similar happen. But your teeth are so important! Not only are they necessary for you to chew and talk right, but they can give you confidence and security when you smile. If your teeth are suffering from problems, or even if you’re missing some, your confidence and health can deteriorate. Rather than suffer, come to our Port Charlotte, FL dental office for restorative dentistry treatments.

Dental Veneers

If your teeth have become a bit worn down or chipped over the years, or if they’re just stained from years of drinking coffee and wine, dental veneers can improve their appearance and strength. Very thin shells of porcelain are crafted to fit your specific teeth. Then Dr. Dietrich or Dr. Kalonaros-Dietrich will artfully place them on the front of your teeth. This covers up any discoloration or imperfections. Dental veneers can also be used to change the shape and size of teeth and close spaces.

Porcelain Crowns

If you have a large cavity or there’s a chance a tooth can crack, a dental crown can help. Also, if you have large, old fillings that are failing or causing cracks in the tooth, you will benefit from a dental crown and may avoid root canals and extractions. These porcelain caps are made to match your teeth’s natural color, so they will be virtually indistinguishable once placed. Not only will they completely seal any weakened and damaged areas, but they will also hold your tooth together tightly, making it stronger and more durable.

Root Canal Therapy

Bacteria are usually what’s responsible for tooth decay, but they can also get inside your teeth. If one of your incisors (front teeth), canines, or premolars gets infected, it might have to be removed. Instead of extracting the tooth, we offer root canal therapy. This is when one of our dentists will take out any infected pulp (the inside of your tooth) and then seal the area, often covering it with a porcelain crown. By removing the infection, root canal therapy can save the tooth and end any pain you might have had.

Fixed Bridges

A missing tooth can be a problem. Not only can it make eating more difficult, but food can collect along the gumline of the nearby teeth, increasing your risk of tooth decay and even gum disease. We can use an artificial tooth held in place by a fixed dental bridge to fill that space. The tooth will look and feel like any of your natural teeth, and it will be held in place by dental crowns on either side.

Dental Implants

For a more permanent solution to a missing tooth, you could have a dental implant. Implants are titanium roots implanted in your jawbone. An abutment and crown is then attached to the root. This not only fills the space to keep your mouth healthier, but it’s also as strong and secure as any of your natural teeth. And because this tooth replacement option uses a root, the jawbone underneath will be healthier as well.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Of course, one of the more common restorations we provide is to take care of tooth decay. Cavities form when bacteria produce acid that eats away at the tooth’s enamel. While we cannot reverse the damage, we can get rid of the decayed enamel and fill in the area so it’s protected and safe. We use a tooth-colored filling matched to your teeth, so it will repair the damage while being very hard to notice.

Restorative dentistry does just that: restore your teeth. If you are ready for your next appointment, or if you have any questions about how we can restore your teeth to a healthy, good-looking state, call us today at [phone] or use our convenient online form.