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At our dental office in Port Charlotte, FL, we understand that some people have mixed emotions about seeing a dentist. On one hand, you know that regular appointments are necessary to check for problems and get your teeth properly clean. On the other hand, you might have heard about or even had bad experiences with dentists in the past. It’s natural to be a bit worried about going to your dental appointment, but for some people, that worry turns into fear. If you suffer from dental phobia, you are not alone. Many people skip appointments or necessary treatments because of that fear. And when treatments are skipped, the problems just get worse.

Thankfully, there are solutions. We know how real this dental anxiety can be, which is why we have taken several steps to help you feel relaxed and calm enough to get the treatments you need.

Calming, Soothing Staff

We know that dental anxiety comes in many forms, from a little fear to outright refusal to go to appointments. That’s why our staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome from the moment you walk into our office. We always treat you with warmth and respect, just like we would want to be treated. We can even schedule longer appointments so you can take your time and not feel rushed.

Comfortable Facility

We designed our dental office to help reduce anxiety and put you at ease. When you walk in, you’ll smell fresh-baked cookies we made that morning. You can even grab something from our coffee bar and mini fridge while you read from one of our Kindle Fires. We offer semi-private patient rooms so you can have a little privacy, and we’ll provide you with our comfort menu. This is a list of options that can help you feel more comfortable, such as blankets, pillows, headphones, and even a paraffin hand wax bath.

Sedation Options

If our soothing staff and comfortable office won’t do the trick, sedation dentistry might be for you. We offer two kinds of sedation: nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

  • Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas. You breathe in a mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide through a mask that rests comfortably over your nose. This makes you feel relaxed and happy. Once the procedure is over, you stop using the mask and quickly return to normal. You can even drive home afterward.
  • Oral sedation is the use of medication to help you relax and get through a needed dental treatment. While it can make you feel a little groggy, you will most likely be awake for the whole procedure. This way, your dentist can ask you any needed questions during the treatment. With oral sedation, you will need someone to drive you to and from our Port Charlotte office.

Dental anxiety is a serious problem. Not only can it make appointments difficult, but it also can cause you to miss much-needed dental treatments. But thanks to our great staff, relaxing office, and sedation dentistry, we can help you get past any lingering fear. If you are ready for your next appointment, or if you have any questions about our sedation options, call us today at 941-625-7877 or use our convenient online form.