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 Tour Our Office In Port Charlotte, FL Port Charlotte, FL Dentist | Dietrich Dental Services

Tour Our Office In Port Charlotte, FL Port Charlotte, FL Dentist | Dietrich Dental Services

At Dietrich Dental Services, we are committed to providing accurate, impeccable dental care in a friendly, caring environment. Right from the start, you will feel respected, welcome and comfortable; in other words, you will be treated like a real person and not some production line task. Of course, dental care is the ultimate goal, and here are some reasons why you will find our Doctors and Team to be uniquely qualified to take care of your teeth.

A Modern Facility Designed with You in Mind

Our office on Toledo Blade Boulevard in Port Charlotte is a modern, beautiful facility. You won’t find a dingy office in some half-abandoned strip mall here. Instead, you will find an attractive freestanding building dedicated just to treating you and other dental patients. Inside, you will enjoy Wi-Fi, a coffee bar, and a beverage fridge so you can relax before your appointment begins.

More importantly, you want the latest technology available in dentistry, and we have it! You’ll find treatment such as digital X-rays, our WaterLase system, and our Vatech CBCT 3-D imaging system. (There are only a few other dental offices in the area with a CBCT scanner!)

The Respect You Want and Deserve

A good relationship with you is part of the foundation of achieving your goals and wants for your dental health, and we know you want to be treated with dignity and respect. Some places might treat you like you’re on a production line, but at Dietrich Dental Services, you will be delighted to be treated like an old friend. Adequate time is provided to explain all of our procedures, as we consider you a partner in your dental care. We also know that your comfort can help a lot in making your visit that much more enjoyable.

We bake fresh cookies every day for you to take home. At the same time, the cookies give the office a nice homey smell instead of a clinical, medicinal smell. A comfort menu with cushy items like paraffin wax hand treatments, headphones, blankets, and pillows, etc. is available for you in the treatment rooms, and you can request a dental chair with a massager if you want! TVs are in the lobby and all the treatment rooms as well! During treatment, you are provided with a “clicker” that you can press at any time if you are experiencing discomfort or simply want a break or a moment to swallow. You’re the boss!

The Attention to Detail You Expect

Our entire team at Dietrich Dental Services understands that long-lasting, exquisite dental work requires precise attention to detail. The same precision and attention are devoted to your more routine visits, such as hygiene and exam visits, as to surgical procedures, such as tooth removal and replacement with a dental implant. Regardless of the procedure, we can provide comprehensive care that is efficient, accurate, and functional. 

With our attention to detail, our emphasis on your comfort, and our state-of-the-art office and tools, we can provide you with the dental care you deserve. If you are ready to schedule your next appointment, or if you have any questions about how we can help, call today.